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Customized Services

Algenol will take your product from test lab to commercial scale, while maintaining industry Best Management Practices.

  • Identify, screen, and acquire the most appropriate strain for your product
  • Conduct advanced research on algal growth conditions to optimize desired results
  • Collaborate on developing bulk extracts or co-developing new functional ingredients that meet your personal care product needs
  • Provide access to large library of algae strains to multiple applications
  • Develop product at one location from lab to outdoor demonstration



Why Algenol?

  • Experience with natural algae platforms
  • Technology highly suitable to major types of algae with high personal care potential
  • Extremely clean, natural production platform with high purity and traceability
  • Proven ability to produce spirulina, phycocynin, and other spirulina extracts





How we work with you on developing innovative products:

  • Understand your needs and jointly design a product development program
  • Define the product and specifications
  • Test selected strains and validation methods
  • Optimize growth strategies to meet desired cell composition and production targets
  • Recommend product development strategies
  • Validate scale-up for commercial readiness, including production economics and estimated product price
  • Finalize a commercialization approach
  • Implement specific manufacturing and quality control measures to produce results that consistently meet customer expectations
  • Ability to migrate products from lab to outside commercial modules
  • Highly productive, self-contained production systems
  • Tightly controlled, leading to high purity products
  • Open to tolling agreements



If you have interest in these, or other innovative algae product ingredients, we can work with you on product development.

  • Natural Colorants
  • Proteins
  • Spirulina
  • Personal Care Ingredients
  • Soil Treatment
  • Animal + Fish Feed
  • Biofuels + Green Crude
  • Bio Remediation
  • Nutrient Recycling