Epicor Upgrade Project Consultant (Short-Term)

Summary of Your Job

As the project manager and Epicor technical expert you will oversee the upgrade of Algenol’s Epicor 9.5.302 to version 10.2 and XLconnect from version 5 to 7. Anticipated project time is 3-4 months at 30-40 hours per week. Consultant may work on-site or remotely.

Your Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following:

  1. Project Planning of the upgrade process
  2. Setup of new application servers and remote desktop application publishing. Support 9.05 database upgrade to 10.2 with support from Epicor
  3. Epicor User training on use of new features/layout of 10.2
  4. Support update of finance and manufacturing process documentation for use with version 10.2 and XLConnect 7.
  5. Update to SSRS Reports used by Finance and business and key BAQ.
  6. Support upgrade and maintenance of multi-site and multi-currency functionality.
  7. Support Go-Live and provide post-upgrade support until next monthly close process is complete
  8. Update existing custom Epicor Service Connect integration process that move data into and out of PO Requests forms (developed in SharePoint and Infopath) into Epicor PO Suggestions for Procurement team to process PO’s without retyping the order lines.

Key Deliverables:

  1. Detailed project Plan with resource requirements
  2. Documentated remediation plan for post upgrade based on test upgrade of DB.
  3. Documented Test plan developed in conjunction with Algenol team for post DB upgrade validation.
  4. Installation of Epcior 10.2 Test and Production servers, clients and DB’s.
  5. Documentation of Process Steps for a Test DB Refesh from Production to Test in Epicor 10.2.
  6. Upgrade of SSRS Reports into 10.2 for
    a. All GL all Company
    b. AP Cash Transactions
    c. All GL, All Company, by GL category and Book
    d. Budget Download
    e. Departmental Budget to Actual Reports
  7. Upgrade of Epicor Service Connect process for existing SharePoint PO Request form into PO Suggestions for Procurement Department

Algenol is an equal opportunity employer.

Application Procedure: Please e-mail a PDF version of your cover letter and curriculum vitae to: jobs@algenol.com<mailto:jobs@algenol.com>; reference “Epicor Consultant” in the subject line.