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Sustainable Products

Algae provides a sustainable source for a wide range of products, which can all be made from algal biomass. Algenol utilizes its 10+ years of experience cultivating, harvesting and dewatering biomass from blue green algae to develop all natural products, or customize biology solutions to meet the customer’s needs. We are your one-stop shop for product development from lab to commercial production.

Why Algenol Products?

  • US Florida manufactured
  • High purity controlled process leads to high integrity quality product
  • Clean, photobioreactor-based advanced production system
  • Full lot-based traceability
  • Proven ability to produce spirulina, phycocyanin and other spirulina extracts
  • Highly sustainable natural source of multiple novel and current ingredients
Algenol’s patented technology utilizes our algae production platform to produce spirulina and spirulina extracts, including Phycocyanin (PC). We are your contract resource to develop other colors from algae.

New regulations in the U.S., Europe and Japan are rapidly phasing out synthetic dyes and pigments in the food industry. The FDA is also modernizing food processing guidelines with stricter standards, making quality standards for the production of pigments more rigorous.

According to the article, Brand New Hue, in the October 6, 2016 issue of the New York Times magazine section (Here is the article), food companies are spending considerable R&D funds to solve the complex task of converting foods from synthetic to all natural pigments.

  • Premium Natural Blues from Algenol
    • Flexibility to control Phycocyanin (PC) content and composition
    • Ability to develop various intensities of natural blue form spirulina extract
    • Collaboration to formulate the natural blue color that meets your needs
    • Quality benefit from the high-purity Algenol production process
    • For more information on Algenol’s SANIBEL BLUE™ and CAPTIVA BLUE™,
      please click here for a downloadable brochure


  • Algae-based proteins for food or feed applications
  • Food supplements
  • Energy drinks / meal replacements
  • Vegetarian and vegan-based proteins
  • For more information, please click here for a downloadable PC in Nutraceuticals brochure and click here for a downloadable Algenol in Food & Beverage brochure



  • Considered the NEW “superfood”
  • Can be used for food, dietary supplements, and nutraceuticals
  • Rich in nutrients: proteins, vitamins, minerals, Omega-3s
  • The most nutritious and complete food source, non-GMO
  • High levels of plant-based protein; vegetarian and vegan
  • Potential benefits for a variety of conditions related to chronic inflammation
  • Tightly controlled process leads to premium quality product
  • For more information, please click here for a downloadable brochure


  • Skin Care: Sun protection, antioxidants, moisturizers/emollients
  • Hair Care: Nutrients, amino acids, vitamins
  • Natural Care Colorants
  • For more information, please click here for a downloadable brochure



  • Biofertilizers: Algae can fix atmospheric nitrogen, reclaim non-productive soil, and offer a sustainable bio-alternative to chemical-based fertilizers at an affordable price
  • Biostimulants: Algae can also be used effectively as an active ingredient in formulations to stimulate plant growth